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Segni, a lovely little town near Rome6







why am I in Segni

Typical countryside scene near the hotel "La Pace"

Panorama of Segni

Segni is a lovely little town near Rome, in a pretty good geographic position to be serve as a base for traveling to various places in Italy. From here you can travel by car to Rome in one hour, to Pompeii in one  and a half and to Florence in three. You can stay in a lovely hotel called La Pace (The Peace) (www.albergo-lapace.it) with nice air-conditioned rooms, rates are less than 70 Euros a night for a double including breakfast, and its great restaurant is famous in the area. You might as well stay at Mrs. Augusta Ciotti's  B&B housed in an old and historical large home, right in the center of the town. Using Segni as a base you can travel with me, by car or motor scooter, to visit Rome and all the little towns in the surroundings. I can also take you on day trips to Pompeii and Sorrento, Florence, Assisi etc...

The museum of Segni

Segni - the gate in the cyclopean walls called "Porta Saracena"

Go out in the evening and have fun going to the numerous festivals that, especially during the summer, take place in Segni and the nearby towns. You might as well spend a couple of nights in Rome before moving to Segni to enjoy the country.


Some distances:

Segni/Rome 60 km (37.5 Miles) 1 hour.

Segni/Pompeii 190 km (120 Miles) 1 hour 40 minutes.

Segni/Assisi 220 km (140 Miles) 2 hours.

Segni/Florence 315 km (200 Miles) 3 hours.

Segni/Positano 210 km (130 Miles) 2 hours.




Segni is rich in history, it already existed when Rome was founded, but later was conquered by the Romans and, according to the legend, became Rome's first colony in 494 BC and that is why on Segni's coat of arms you read "Signia Civitas Prima Romanorum Colonia". Signia is in fact Segni's original name and the rest means "first city to become a Roman colony".
Since the first century BC, when it was upgraded from the status of a colony to independent city, allied with Rome and with equal rights, Segni also goes with the initialism S.P.Q.S. (Senatus PopulusQue Signinum) same as Rome's S.P.Q.R.
One of the two most important temples in Segni, in the days of ancient Rome, was dedicated to the  goddess Juno Moneta where the additional name "Moneta" stands for monitor in the sense of one who admonishes, gives advice. In Rome, near the temple of Juno Moneta on the Capitol hill, in the third century BC, the Romans built their mint in the area that because of the temple people called "ad monetam" and that is why in Italian we call coins "moneta" which in English became "money". Segni was, outside of Rome, the only town in the region that could mint its own money and its coins had on one side the head of a boar and on the other god Mercury denominated thereafter "Signinum". No one knows for sure if the name of the city comes from the fact that Segni could mint and put its seal "sign" on the coins or from the emblem "sign" of A typical little coutyard in Segni

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the Roman king who, according to the legend, first colonized Segni in the fifth century BC. Segni is also the place where the first water resistant stucco plaster was invented. It was largely used by the Romans to line their aqueducts, cisterns, swimming pools and such and it was called "opus signinum". Segni also still has its belt of Cyclopean walls. Cyclopean masonry is a type of stonework which probably originated in Mycenae, Greece. It consists in huge limestone blocks, fitted together with minimal clearance between adjacent stones and without use of mortar. The boulders are so large that in the middle ages people fantasized about who built those walls and said it must have been the one-eyed giants. the Cyclopes, since a human being could not have lifted such large stones.

You might wonder why I live in Segni. Well, this is where my mother's family came from and when, back in 1990, my landlord wanted back the apartment I was renting because she needed it for her son, I decided to move to the country and chose Segni because I was very familiar with the place since, when I was a kid, often I spent my summers over at my grandparents'. The picture on the left shows their place, top floor right on the town's main street! Why I decided to move to the country? Because my wife had just told me, the same days I learned I lost my apartment, that she was pregnant and I thought the kid would have lived better in a small town than in Rome.


Fashion District
For those who would like to go shopping, there are some shops in Segni, but the fairly large city at the foot of the hill, Colleferro, surely has more to offer in terms of shops. But not to far from Colleferro, driving about 20 minutes from Segni, you can reach the new outlet mall called "Fashion District" where they have good quality goods selling for a much lower price than in any big city.
This map shows you where Segni is.